A typical Reiki session

If you've been thinking about having a Reiki treatment, you're probably wondering what to expect. During the treatment you remain fully clothed and lie flat on a padded massage table. The treatment involves the hands of the practicioner being placed above specific areas of the body, corresponding to key energy centers, or "chakras".

A male and a female practitioner are available to conduct sessions

The receiver will often feel warmth, tingling, or both when the practitioner's hands are above the chakras in certain areas of the body.

The positions are generally over the chakras in the head, neck, chest, solar plexus, abdomen, and hips.

My job in a Reiki session is to help us set a positive intention, and get out of the way. As I like to say:“If there is healing happening, it’s the Universe first, you second, and me least of all.”

Dress comfortably

​You remain FULLY clothed during the Reiki treatment & session. It is recommended that you wear simple, loose fitting clothes to aid relaxation. It is harder to relax when wearing tight clothing or belts. It is appreciated if you bring a clean pair of socks to change into, as shoes are always removed prior to treatment.

Creating a relaxing environment

The right environment is required to receive the full Reiki experience, to facilitate "letting go" into a meditative, relaxed state. A quiet, safe place is required. Distractions such as ringing telephones will be eliminated; as will other interruptions. We will ask you to silence or turn off your cell phones as well. Every effort is made to ensure a relaxing and spiritually enriching experience. You'll receive your Reiki treatment while reclining on a massage table in a softly lit environment. Meditative music is offered to enhance your relaxation.